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 Halo Games (2001-2014)

Rest in piece Halo 2001-2010

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"whos fucking child is this"

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What the fuck

That was quite the array of events

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Okay. So you mean to tell me this scrawny little bitch doesn’t read a single article or essay where black woman discuss how she is mocking and appropriating our culture? Does being that rich really make you so fucking stupid that you don’t understand what’s offensive? I feel like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry hold regular meetings where they discuss how they are going to piss of black women. Y’all are not cute, quirky, or ironic. Just disrespectful. Stop supporting them!

Are you seriously going to post a picture of a person with a cardboard cutout of a huge ass and get mad at them for mocking “black woman culture”? Lmao why would you degrade yourself liek that. 

What I took away from this is that a huge ass with a caption about a lap dance = black woman culture (????)

You sir, know nothing. Clearly black women are not the only women with big butts, we are however known for them. Not to mention the fake butt is BROWN. Also that picture is not an isolated incident that led to my opinion about her mocking black women. A host of other stunts have led me and anybody with an ounce if sense to see that she is clearing appropriating black culture ( hence the picture on the left). And you as an apparent white man can NEVA decide what is offensive to a group that you don’t belong to.

First World problems at its best 

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when you’re babysitting and the kid won’t eat their veggies


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Very frustrated with anti-feminists. I wish they would realize what they hate are gender imperialists, not feminists


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Rape is a learned behavior. Men don’t rape out of bad decisions or shitty personalities, they rape because society taught them to. Society glorifies rape, and that’s why we NEED feminism.

What a load of BULLSHIT

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